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About Me

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  • Hobbies: Hardware
    PC Gaming
  • Location: Birmingham,
    West Midlands,
    United Kingdom

Hi I'm Ben!

I'm a self taught Full Stack software developer based in the centre of Birmingham. I'm passionate about tech and love to try out new things!

Feel free to email me or get in touch via LinkedIn, be sure to check out my GitHub profile and follow along.

Work Experience

  • Today

  • Full Stack Developer


    Joblogic - Mar 2020 - Present

    I work on a web application called Joblogic with wonderful teams all over the globe. I enjoy and am passionate about my work, I'm always looking for the next challenge!

  • Substitute TA & Online Tutor


    Trilogy Education - Feb 2020 - Present

    A part time substitute Teaching Assistant & Online UK Tutor position, helping students complete a 6 month full stack development course. From May 2020 I also extended my role into coaching UK students online individually to help them along as part of Trilogy's tutoring service to go alongside the course. So far as of September 2020 we have successfully brought 1 cohort of students through and are set to welcome another very shortly.

  • Junior Full Stack Developer

    Joblogic - Apr 2019 - Mar 2020 - 1 yr

    My role consisted of working on the core Joblogic product, adding/changing functionality in an agile environment. Working in a team of around 10-15 at any time, excluding remote teams. Technologies include C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, in an MVC pattern. This also included a supporting mix of architectures; Micro-services, pub/sub using Azure service bus, Webjobs and Azure functions. As well as these, SQL Server and Azure file/blob store were used for the data management, I have been gaining experience using the Azure portal platform to manage and deploy various parts of the system and analyse ongoing performance.

  • Junior Developer

    Joblogic - Jul 2017 - Apr 2019 - 1 yr 10 months

    As a Junior developer I oversaw one of the business processes for digitising customer requested "Forms" to be used on any engineer's mobile device. I primarily used HTML, Javascript as well as the backend C# .Net framework to generate reporting outputs. This process involved customer interaction to gather requirements, managing sprints, design & testing documentation, creation, peer testing and then releases on a weekly schedule. Alongside this I have taken on a few separate projects that have helped the company when and where they were needed.

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